Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Suited Up

I love how my mother-in-law was able to catch Peter getting all suited up for the operating room, not once but twice! Orion's birth Esme's birth

More Pictures from Esme's Birth

While I was in recovery Peter was responsible for Esme. He got to spend some daddy/daughter time with her before I showed up. I just love seeing pictures of them together.Look at those cheeks! Don't you just wanna squeeze them? Orion holding Emse for the first time. He is such a great big brother!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

for example, Esme is crying and I was getting settled in, ready to feed her. Orion looks at me with a serious look on his face and says "Mom, I don't have any milk in my boobies. You have to feed Esme." Chuckling I say "You are correct son."

Another example, I had one of the daycare girls in the highchair feeding her lunch and she purposely kicked my leg. So I touched her leg and explained that it was not nice to kick. A few minutes later she kicks me again. So again I explain that it is not nice to kick other people, that is hurts. Orion comes over and puts his hand on her shoulder and says "It's not nice to kick mommies, it's not nice to kick daddies and it's not nice to kick girls!" He was so serious about it I had to hold in my laughter until he had walked away.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


December was a busy month for us! Here's the highlights:

Decorating for Christmas
My mom and Orion pretty much did.

My mom took us out to Red Robin for Peter's birthday.
We also had a birthday dinner for Peter and Debbie at Los Arcos.

This is a total of 5 margarita's. He drank it within 45 minutes!

The Koniag Shareholder Christmas Party at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Orion didn't want to have his picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus but Esme didn't seem to mind!
Going on a sleigh ride while it's snowing

Family Pictures


Aces Hockey Game

Orion loves Boomer!

Grandma Mary goes home :(

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving morning the doctor gave me the options of being released or staying another day. My answer was pretty obvious! Send me home to be with my family on Thanksgiving day!!! So most of Thanksgiving was spent waiting to be released from the hospital.

Our morning nurse was leaving at noon and told us that her replacement would be right in to discharge us. 3 HOURS LATER our new nurse came in and said "If I had known you were being released today, I would have done it when I first got here." Oh my goodness! Poor communication! Let's just say that Peter was not a happy camper.

We made it just in time to have a delicious dinner with the all the family.

Esme's Birth

Let me apologize ahead of time for the quality of the photo's. Most of them were taken with camera phones.

The morning of Emse's birth we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. To make it easier for us, Orion had stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa Lukin. Between the anticipation of Esme's arrival and actually having to be up extra early (around 4), none of us in the Hunter household got much sleep at all that night.

While they were monitoring baby and I, Peter tried to catch some zzzzz's. Around 8:00 am they took me into the operating room and shortly after Peter joined me but that was short lived...sorry honey! Shortly after Esme was born he had to leave the room. Poor guy! I thought we were gonna have a Hunter down! Back to Esme...

She was born at 8:48 am, November 23rd. Weighing in at 8 lbs. 4.8 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. Look at the time she was born and how much she weighed...funny huh?

I had to wait in the recovery room for 2 hours before I could see her or the family. It was torture! At one point Peter was concerned and had a nurse track me down. Finally they wheeled me into my room and I was alone...just me and my baby girl...for an hour! (The family snuck down to the cafeteria for some grub.) It was so quite and peaceful.

Here's some more pictures from our hospital stay.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My poor neglected blog

I've been thinking about updating my blog poor neglected blog. How I need to update it so!

So much has happened since I last blogged:
  • Esme was born
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • My mom's stay

I will be updating over the next few days. I have to compile all the pictures that we have amongst 4 devices! Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year Orion was Thomas the Tank Engine. On Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Lukin took him Trick or Treating at Auntie Tricia's and Auntie Alaina's work. He made out like a bandit with a bucket full of candy!

On Sunday, Grandma Lukin had a Halloween party complete with a pinata! It's always fun to see the little kids take their turns at it.
Orion showed that ghost who was boss!

I just LOVE this picture taken by Papa. It looks like it should be one of those classic photos in the sephia tone. Like this...
maybe it's just the hat!

I...Have become comfortably numb

Name that song!

Comfortably? Not at all!

Numb? Yes, in both hands!!!

Swollen fingers? Yup, like polish sausages! Serious!!! I will spare you any pictures but if you go to your local grocer and check out the polish sausages you'll get the picture.

Over the last few weeks the numbness and amount of swelling has progressively gotten worse. I had mentioned it to my midwife a few times before and was told "not to lay on them and keep them elevated." Easy peasy lemon squeezy, I thought, but it didn't help. It was getting to the point that I was having issues with everyday tasks. SO on Friday, I marched myself into the OB Triage to have myself checked out. I just couldn't take it anymore!

I was hoping that my blood pressure wasn't the cause. Which it shouldn't had been since it had been fine the entire pregnancy. And it wasn't! Apparently it is just Carpel Tunnel.

WHAT! I didn't have it this bad with Orion!!! It is horrible and I don't wish it upon anyone.

So here I sit patiently waiting for my appointment with Physical Therapy just to get some braces for my hands.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

34 Week Check-up

On Friday I went in for my 34 week appointment and everything is great! I am a few pounds over MY weight goal but that's okay. I am still eating pretty healthy. My appetite has just kicked into high gear!

My blood pressure was high, which the midwife was concerned about. I explained it was probably from the walk, the stairs (trying to get that extra exercise in there) and the fact that I didn't have a chance to relax before my appointment. I got called in early. Before I left she rechecked it and it was back to normal!

I walked out of her office hoping to schedule my next appointment at 36 weeks to meet with the OB/GYN to set my c-section date. Boy, was I bummed that I couldn't get in until I'm 37 1/2 weeks! Don't think that I'm not trying to get the baby here sooner, I'm not. I would love for the baby to come when she is ready but having gone through that with Orion, feeling and seeing the strain it put on everyone around me. I really don't want to do that again! I just want to have the date scheduled, to be prepared mentally and within our home.

I just keep telling myself "Patience Amy, patience".

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Nesting is the term used to refer to an expectant mother's instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home.

I think every article I've read fails to mention that the Father's nest too!

This last weekend Peter was definitely nesting. He tells me that he is going to straighten up the bedroom but what I didn't realize is that he was going to purge his clothes, pop the screens out of the windows for cleaning, the same with the blinds, vacuum under the bed, wipe down the walls and bleach the windows and windowsills. I felt so bad! I had to hop right in and help with what I could. From there he also cleaned and bleached the entire bathroom! Thanks baby if you didn't bleach the bathroom it would have waited until my mom got here! (I have a reaction to bleach which causes asthma attacks, so I try not to touch the stuff).

I guess I have been nesting just a little. I crocheted a blanket for Esme and I'm working on a rag blanket for her too. I have a few other little projects that are in the works for decorating her side of the room which I can't wait to finish getting set up so I can start decorating.

Okay now where's this surge of energy that the mother gets? I barely have enough energy to get the normal day to day cleaning done!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

6 Years Ago Today...

I married the most wonderful man to enter my life. What a glorious day! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat baby!!!
To celebrate we went to our favorite resturant, Los Arcos. We shared the fajitas for two and was given free dessert! Sopapillas...YUM-O! To top the evening off, we watched "The Spy Next Door" with our good friends, Thomas and Evelyn.

Not a very exciting evening but it was spent with good company!

Friday, September 17, 2010

30 Week Check-Up

Today baby and I had our 30 Week check-up and everything is good. In fact everything is so good that I don't even have to go back for another 4 weeks! WAAAHOO!!!

Orion has been there for all the appointments. Momma's little man! He gets concerned when I have to lay down to have my belly measured and to listen to the baby's heartbeat. He is right there by my side holding my hand, asking me if everything is ok. It is so cute!
I am excited that I am still under my weight gain goal but not so excited that I am rapidly approaching it :( I just seems like I can not get enough to eat. I had a first the other day. Woke up at 3 am and was starving!!! I mean starving like I have just fasted for 24 hours starving!

I can't believe how fast time has flown! We have so much to do before baby gets here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Drive - Conversation #3

The conversations between Orion and I are becoming interesting and very entertaining. I just have to share them with everyone.

Orion: Mommy, I drive your car? Go see daddy.
Mommy: Honey, you can't drive mommy's car.
Orion: Ohhhh, peeeeeaseeeee!
Mommy: Orion, your not old enough.
Orion: (Laughing) I drive!
Mommy: Not yet.
Orion starts playing with his toys but returns a few minutes later
Orion: Mommy, I drive your car peeeeaseeeee!

Oh my goodness! Now I gonna be worried that he is gonna try to take my car!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Sweetest Conversation #2

While Orion and I were enjoying our afternoon snack of freshly baked banana, coconut and chocolate chip muffins we had the sweetest conversation.

Orion: Daddy want one?
Mommy: I don't think so honey. He won't like the coconut and chocolate in his.
Orion: (Biting into his muffin) Oh
Mommy: Is it good?
Orion: (Mouth full of muffin, shaking head yes) Is good cupcake!
Mommy: (Laughing)
Orion: Mommy, thanks for cooking for us. You good cook.

That last sentence just melts my heart!

Baby Steps in Potty Training

While changing Orion's diaper yesterday he told me that he needed to go potty. You can imagine my excitement! He jumped up and ran into the bathroom but when I tried to put him on the toilet he straighted his legs and said "not dis one". So I pulled his little potty chair out and he sat down for a moment, then looked up at me and said "not et mommy. I need diaper". I gotta give him some credit for trying!

Monday, September 13, 2010

28 Week Baby Belly

I am a week late posting this but better late then never!

I hate, hate, hate to take pictures of my belly! I guess if I were a Skinny Minnie it wouldn't bother me but I'm no Skinny Minnie. I am a Chunky Monkey and my self-esteem gets in the way.

This is the first picture of my belly that has been taken this pregnancy and I am hoping to change that. Looking back at my scrapbook when I was pregnant with Orion, I can count the number of pictures that show my belly on one hand. It's such a joyous experience why not document it!

At my last check-up 3 weeks ago I had only gained 16 lbs. This pregnancy I am determined not to make the same mistake I did with Orion. I ate well, all too well! I ate anything and everything I wanted. Not this time! My goal is to gain only 25 lbs. and with less then 10 weeks to go I just might keep my weight under control.

Although I have been cautious about what I have been eating and having smaller more frequent meals, my appetite has kicked into full gear within the last week and I am a little nervous about my weigh in on Friday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A "mourning" of purging

Like my title? It's fitting.

This morning was a bit of an emotional one. I purged Orion's baby clothes to see what I could keep for Esme. It's hard to believe that my little guy was ever that small! So many cute outfits that I didn't want to part with BUT honestly it felt sooooo good to do it. By the time I was done I ended up with 4 boxes of clothes, his crib set and 2 boxes of toys that Peter and Orion purged the other day.

I figured why not cash in on all this stuff and you know what? I made out like a bandit! One store gave me $50 store credit! It would have been less if I had opted for cash, but I figured I could use it to get some clothes for Esme. At the other store I opted for cash because either way, cash or store credit it was the same amount. They gave me $70!!!

What I have left over? 2 boxes of summer clothes that I will take back in the Spring and 2 toys!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I want this bumper sticker

Peter and I spotted this bumper sticker the other night and couldn't help but laugh. Laugh because its true! Personally I do miss him. I can't believe what is going on in our country because of Obama.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I sawwee #1

Me: (hears the crinkling of paper) Stinker, that better not be candy
Orion: It's okay
Me: No, it's not ok
Orion: I sawwee

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Note to self:

Be very careful with your selection of movies and TV shows you watch. You are on an emotional roller coaster for the next 3 1/2 months, for sure. You may have the tendency to ball your eyes out!


I watched this movie toady and BALLED MY EYES OUT!

To be completely honest, I can't even watch when they pick the finalists for America's Got Talent.

Let the waterworks start!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some very random thoughts

  • Debating on using cloth diapers with Esme.
  • Craving bacon like crazy, BLT's in particular.
  • I can't wear my wedding rings any more :(
  • I need a hair cut badly!
  • Not crazy about this rainy summer.
  • Can't wait to see how Orion is going to act with Esme.
  • I didn't know that when growing Tomatoes in a greenhouse that you are supposed to shake them in order to pollinate them.
  • So proud of Peter. He works so hard and I hope that his potential doesn't go unnoticed.
  • Can't wait to pick my zucchini's and bell peppers!
  • Loving the blanket that I'm crocheting for Esme.
  • Loving my days with Orion more and more.
  • Have not bought a single baby outfit yet.
  • Excited to start watching the 2010 season of the World Series of Poker starting on Tuesday.
  • Found material to make Esme's bedding set and can't wait to get started on it.
  • Suddenly can't stand the smell of ripened bananas. The sweetness turns my stomach.
  • Just finished ready Wicked and I need to find a new book.
  • 22 weeks and I've gained only 10 lbs.
  • In about another month I won't be able to fit into my laundry room to reach the dryer.

I am convinced it's chicken pox

Saturday morning Orion work up with a rash of red spots that looked like pimples all over his chest and stomach area. By that evening I was pretty sure he had chicken pox. On Monday I took him to see his pediatrician because I wanted confirmation for my daycare parents.

After seeing 4 pediatricians and 1 nurse neither of them were convinced since they hadn't progressed into blisters or even scabs and it had been 2 days. But here we are 4 days since the spots appeared and I am convinced that it is chicken pox. He has had a few develop on his arms and legs, but for the most part they are clearing up. There have been about 5 tiny little blisters and I have seen 1 scab over. The good thing is they don't seem to bother him. He is not itchy or running a fever, you can't even tell that he has them!

He has been such a good sport about everyone wanting to look at his "bumps". I am glad that it is such a mild could have been much worse!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We survived the drive!

This last weekend Peter, Orion and I drove up to Fairbanks for the Holiday Company picnic. Friday was such a beautiful day and it was so hot! The views of Mt. McKinley were awesome.Orion was being such a turd! He wouldn't let us take a family picture, only one of him and daddy.

Orion feel asleep while eating potato chips. I laughed so hard! He had such a grip on the bag and wouldn't let go!!! He did so well. Only having 1 meltdown throughout the entire trip!

It took us 8 1/2 hours to get there due to the road construction but only 6 1/2 hours to get back. It was nice to get out of town for the weekend but I think I'm gonna wait a while to make another Fairbanks trip!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're having a...


She was being so stubborn but modest, it took for-ev-ver to get a good view. I thought we were gonna leave without knowing, even the tech mentioned that he wasn't sure, but he was so patient. He said that she is sitting right under my belly button and that there is some scar tissue from Orion's c-section that was obstructing his views. He let me get up to use the restroom thinking that she would change positions and it worked!

I am 99% sure that we are going to name her Esme Helene. It's completely my choice says Peter. Yes, Esme is a Twilight character but it is also a form of Amy and we try to incorporate family in the naming of our children in a not-so-straight-forward kinda way.

So if everything goes as planned, she will be joining us just before Thanksgiving and our little family will be complete!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Any guesses???

On Thursday we find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. I couldn't be more excited to find out. I can't wait to start preparing for our new arrival.

My gut tells me its a boy but my heart wants to be optimistic about it being a girl. Here's whats been going on in this pregnancy...

  • Sick from the get-go. Feeling much better now but still having a few sick days. (With Orion, sick for 6 months)
  • I haven't felt too much movement (Orion was a mover and shaker)
  • Instant cravings! I can't even watch the Food Network without craving something. (With Orion, just french fries, all the time)
  • No desire to eat beef, chicken or pork except bacon. I can eat a BLT every single day!(Really didn't have this problem with Orion.)
  • Can't shake the tiredness. (With Orion, just the 1st trimester and the last part of the 3rd)
  • With Orion I craved Pepsi but this pregnancy I find it way too sweet along with most fruits and candies.

Peter's family even has a little pool going. I think the guesses are: boy-5 & girl -3

So what do you think?

Monday, July 5, 2010

♫ Let's go fly a kite ♫

While in Seward this weekend Orion flew his first kite.

You can barely see the kite in the pic...Sorry!

Who knew that something so cheap and simple can be so entertaining. It brought back memories of me and Melissa flying kites when we lived at Dusty A-7.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A day at the zoo

On Saturday we attended the Holiday Stationstore Annual Company Picnic at the Alaska Zoo.
It was nice to see a few old friends and meet a few of Peter's new coworkers. They always have all sorts of prizes and gift cards to give away. Peter won a $50 gift card to Sportsman's Warehouse. Wahoo!

Orion was being really shy, but we were able to get one good shot of him.

The Alpaca really took to Orion and kept trying to nuzzle him. Orion would jump back laughing every time. Orion was so funny, he would growl at the bears and say "I scare you!". They brought an Owl in to show the kids and he was just in awe.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little water fun

This summer we invested in a kiddie pool and a slip n slide for Orion and the cousins to use at the grandparents house (the best $20 we have spent this summer!).

The water was a little cool so the kids weren't so sure about getting in the pool. Mostly they just would splash or scoop the water out with a bucket. Later in the afternoon we were able to get them to stand in it. Peyton and Paige had such a blast on the slip n slide. Even the aunties had to get in on the action!Orion needed a little help from daddy but after that first go round he was willing to go himself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ayla & Chebo's Wedding

The main reason for mine and Orion's visit back home was to see these two people "get hitched". (See the hitchin' post in the background? My dad made that! He is a very creative fella!!!)
It took us one stressful week to get everything ready for the wedding but it was a great sucess!
Here's the wedding party, the happy couple's first dance
and the cake topper that the bride made.

Doesn't Ayla just look beautiful?

The cake was made by Ayla's childhood friend, Holly.

The Carruthers' Family

Ayla and her in-laws, The Marsteller's
(Chebo looks like he's having a grand time dancing with his mom)

More random pics of the Carruthers' Family and Brianna too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pima County Fair

While Orion and I were in Arizona, Grandma & Grandpa Carruthers took us to the Pima County Fair.

Old Pueblo Hall had a train exhibit that Orion just adored. He got to control one of the trains. They even had Percy and Thomas the Tank Engine set out. Orion got to hold them!
Every animal we saw Orion referred to them as a "doggie". He was so taken by the piglets. He just stood there and stared at them.

Grandpa took Orion on the little Ferriswheel. He wasn't so sure about it at first but that changed when he made his first go round.

He had so much fun going on the rides and didn't want to stop. He even had a meltdown when it was time to go :(
He was bound and determined to go on this ride. We saw it twice, the adult and the kid version. Both times he'd jump up and down, pointed and screamed and tried to pull me over there.