Friday, September 10, 2010

A "mourning" of purging

Like my title? It's fitting.

This morning was a bit of an emotional one. I purged Orion's baby clothes to see what I could keep for Esme. It's hard to believe that my little guy was ever that small! So many cute outfits that I didn't want to part with BUT honestly it felt sooooo good to do it. By the time I was done I ended up with 4 boxes of clothes, his crib set and 2 boxes of toys that Peter and Orion purged the other day.

I figured why not cash in on all this stuff and you know what? I made out like a bandit! One store gave me $50 store credit! It would have been less if I had opted for cash, but I figured I could use it to get some clothes for Esme. At the other store I opted for cash because either way, cash or store credit it was the same amount. They gave me $70!!!

What I have left over? 2 boxes of summer clothes that I will take back in the Spring and 2 toys!

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