Thursday, September 30, 2010


Nesting is the term used to refer to an expectant mother's instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home.

I think every article I've read fails to mention that the Father's nest too!

This last weekend Peter was definitely nesting. He tells me that he is going to straighten up the bedroom but what I didn't realize is that he was going to purge his clothes, pop the screens out of the windows for cleaning, the same with the blinds, vacuum under the bed, wipe down the walls and bleach the windows and windowsills. I felt so bad! I had to hop right in and help with what I could. From there he also cleaned and bleached the entire bathroom! Thanks baby if you didn't bleach the bathroom it would have waited until my mom got here! (I have a reaction to bleach which causes asthma attacks, so I try not to touch the stuff).

I guess I have been nesting just a little. I crocheted a blanket for Esme and I'm working on a rag blanket for her too. I have a few other little projects that are in the works for decorating her side of the room which I can't wait to finish getting set up so I can start decorating.

Okay now where's this surge of energy that the mother gets? I barely have enough energy to get the normal day to day cleaning done!

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