Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am convinced it's chicken pox

Saturday morning Orion work up with a rash of red spots that looked like pimples all over his chest and stomach area. By that evening I was pretty sure he had chicken pox. On Monday I took him to see his pediatrician because I wanted confirmation for my daycare parents.

After seeing 4 pediatricians and 1 nurse neither of them were convinced since they hadn't progressed into blisters or even scabs and it had been 2 days. But here we are 4 days since the spots appeared and I am convinced that it is chicken pox. He has had a few develop on his arms and legs, but for the most part they are clearing up. There have been about 5 tiny little blisters and I have seen 1 scab over. The good thing is they don't seem to bother him. He is not itchy or running a fever, you can't even tell that he has them!

He has been such a good sport about everyone wanting to look at his "bumps". I am glad that it is such a mild could have been much worse!

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