Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're having a...


She was being so stubborn but modest, it took for-ev-ver to get a good view. I thought we were gonna leave without knowing, even the tech mentioned that he wasn't sure, but he was so patient. He said that she is sitting right under my belly button and that there is some scar tissue from Orion's c-section that was obstructing his views. He let me get up to use the restroom thinking that she would change positions and it worked!

I am 99% sure that we are going to name her Esme Helene. It's completely my choice says Peter. Yes, Esme is a Twilight character but it is also a form of Amy and we try to incorporate family in the naming of our children in a not-so-straight-forward kinda way.

So if everything goes as planned, she will be joining us just before Thanksgiving and our little family will be complete!

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