Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ayla & Chebo's Wedding

The main reason for mine and Orion's visit back home was to see these two people "get hitched". (See the hitchin' post in the background? My dad made that! He is a very creative fella!!!)
It took us one stressful week to get everything ready for the wedding but it was a great sucess!
Here's the wedding party, the happy couple's first dance
and the cake topper that the bride made.

Doesn't Ayla just look beautiful?

The cake was made by Ayla's childhood friend, Holly.

The Carruthers' Family

Ayla and her in-laws, The Marsteller's
(Chebo looks like he's having a grand time dancing with his mom)

More random pics of the Carruthers' Family and Brianna too!

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aylamegan said...

I love all the pics! Thanx so much for all your help! We still want to thank you properly for all your help but havent gotten around to it! anywayz i loved it & I just wanted you to know! :)