Monday, April 6, 2009

Many Tears Later...

Let's start off with...Sunday night Peter & I took Orion to the ER.

About 2 months ago we started making the switch from formula to milk. At first we were mixing an ounce of milk in with his formula and gradually increasing it until he was drinking 1 ounce of formula with his milk. He was doing okay until we stopped with the formula all together!

He won't drink milk unless it is warm and only in his bottle. Won't even touch it in a cup! He's stopped sleeping through the night. He is waking up almost every 2-3 hours screaming like he is hurt and he is gassier then ever...poor guy :( Sunday night was the last straw, after 3 hours of him crying non-stop and of course me joining in due to frustration, we decided to take him in.

With that being said, our reason for the ER visit was because we were thinking that the milk is messing with his stomach. Come to find out he has the start of an ear infection in both ears! Well, I am so glad that we caught that but, I just don't think that is what is bothering him for the last month!!! Soooo after speaking with the Dr. he suggested that we try soy milk and at this point I am willing to trying anything!

Tonight will be the first night on soy milk. Let's see how the night goes.

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