Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates...As promised

  • Orion is getting HUGE! He weighs in at 27 lbs., 33 in. long. He is already into 2T clothes! I can't believe it!!!
  • He is now sayings words like: Cracker, Fire Truck, Bye, No, Done and Don't Touch (complete with him waving his finger as he says it).
  • Orion has not been interested in Cartoons or TV until his cousin introduced him to Thomas & Friends. Now anytime we turn on the XBOX he thinks we are turning on "Choo Choo". It's cute to see him so excited and pointing at the TV while make a "sssttt" sound!
  • Easter was spent with Peter's family. We had the typical Easter dinner of ham, but to change it up Peter cooked his ribs and as usual they were delish! Orion didn't know what to make of his basket that morning. With a little bit of coaxing he finally pulled out an egg, but once he saw the Thomas & Friends DVD it was over with!
  • This is what happens when you drop an iPhone on a cement floor. Yeah! I thought Peter was going to kill me!!!
  • Orion pooped in the potty! (I will spare you the vulgar picture, complete with googly eyes, that is now in our 365 album!)
  • We've switched Orion to Lactose Free Milk due to the fact that Soy Milk has Estrogens. Since Estrogen is a female hormone...well need i say more?
  • If you ask Orion if he is ready for nap/bedtime he will go and stand by his bedroom door and wait to go inside.
  • We've started on our spring cleaning. I've already taken 6 boxes to Salvation Army and I have another box ready to go!
  • And lastly, we go on vacation in 26 days! YAHOO!!!

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