Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Orion's New Crib

We have finally upgraded Orion to a 3-in-1 crib (courtesy of Grandma Debbie). We had been using a mini crib that we purchased at a yard sale for $25. What a deal! (It is going into storage for the next baby.) We purchased the new crib from the newly remodeled Toys R Us. They just added their Babies R Us section. (I wish they had the new section in 9 months ago when I had my baby shower. They have too much cute stuff!)

We had to wait a month cause they don't keep cribs in stock (blah blah blah). Which the salesman should have told us when we were looking at them!

Our second bedroom has being used as the craft room. One night we put Orion in there to see how he would sleep and he has been in there ever since. So, slowly and I stress slowly, I have been trying to organize the room better so it will make due as his bedroom but yet give me a space to scrap and get crafty. I haven't had much success yet. I have kinda taken over the kitchen table...lol

I have before photos of the room that I will post once I have after photos but please don't hold your breath!

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