Friday, August 29, 2008

Mom's Visit

Mom came up for a quick visit, too short! Of course she had to spoil Orion while she was here! Orion got new cell phone (from Fisher Price), 2 new outfits, 3 undershirts and a shirt that says "Don't make me call Grandma", a Build-A-Lion, all sorts of baby food and a Booster Chair for the table. O.K. she spoiled me too! Mom cleaned my oven, did laundry the entire time she was here (she can never sit still), bought me a new shirt and picked up some groceries.

Mom, Uncle Troy, Orion & I went to the Alaska State Fair and saw this HUGE cabbage!

We may have the shortest summers but with the amount of daylight each day we grow some huge veggies!!!

Grandma feed Orion his first potato. He loved it!!! Now when ever I have Potato wedges or French Fries he has to have some!

Mom, thanks for watching Orion so I was able to put in some extra hours at work. I really appreciated it!

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