Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orion's First Camping Trip

Finally a weekend getaway! This last weekend we drove down to Seward to camp with the Family. Peter caught 2 Halibut! I can't wait to make some deep friend Halibut. Yummy!

Oh Yeah!!!

We camp in style!

Here we all are around the campfire. From Left to Right: Uncle Nick, Bona, Papa, Auntie Tammi, Grandpa Allen, Orion and Me, Grandma Debbie, Brooke and Rex.

Orion just loved being outside. Every little movement peaked his interest!
Lamu and Andrea camped Friday night with us. Here's Lamu trying to snag Salmon from the shore of the camp site. It's a bummer he didn't catch anything!

Don't you just love that view! Who wouldn't want to wake up to that every morning?

While camping I had the perfect opportunity to do some scraping. I am now up to date on Orion's book for at least another week anyways. I was so excited when I came across some pictures of when I found out I was pregnant. I just couldn't resist getting started on them.

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