Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday!

On Thursday we visited with Peter's Great Grandma Martha for her 92nd Birthday. She had family visiting her most of the afternoon and was pretty exhausted by the time we arrived.

We walked in the door to her room and Peter's Grandma told her we had a present for her. Orion was still in his car seat and we sat him down in front of her. She just looked at him and started laughing. She said he was cute. A few moments later she looked at Peter and said "You are cute too, but you don't smile!" The whole room busted out in laughter.

Here's Orion with his Great Grandma Bona and his Great Great Grandma Martha. It is truly amazing to have 5 Generations still alive. I would of loved to have a picture of all the Generations!

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