Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arizona Vacation - Day 6 & 7

Day 6 was pretty laid back as fair as sight seeing. We went to the Titan Missile Museum and along the way we stopped at I got some jalapeno flavored pecans that are just yummy!
At the Titan Missile Museum, we had a private tour of the first 2 levels! I say private cause there was only myself, Peter & Orion scheduled for the tour.

The missile is encased here. It has a glass roof that you look through, looking down at the missile. The glass takes up half the roof while the other half is the actual door. It has been cemented to be half open or half closed, which ever you prefer.

Here's a view looking down the hallway to the control room. The walls are 8 feet thick and the blast doors weighed at least 3-ton!

Orion & I got to turn to key to experience a simulated missile launch!

If given the chance again I think I would do the Top-to-Bottom Tour, which includes all 8 levels!

Day 7 was even more laid back! We went swimming, Peter smoked his ribs and we visited with my cousin Emilie and her family.

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