Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arizona Vacation - Day 3 & 4

Procrastinator...I know!

Day 3 was Peter's day of shopping. We drove ALL over Tucson to find Cigar shops. In all we had 4 on our list but only went to 3. The 4th was not were it was supposed to be according to the address. We found our way to the Tucson Mall where I bought this skirt from Torrid with a discount coupon from the Tucson Passport booklet.

A skirt I know...The heat was getting to me!


I feel in love with these scents

Later that night I played Phase 10 with my dad and sister's Melissa and Amber. I love card games! I had so much fun playing it!!!

On Day 4 we went on a picnic to Mount Graham. It was actually the first time I have ever been there. Everything was sooo green and a lot cooler up in the mountains...I was lovin' it! The drive was killer. We ended up stopping just a few miles from the top.

Auntie Amber & Orion

My opinion...we were so close to the lake we should have just kept going, but we had to get back into town and start getting ready for Amber's Graduation.
The battery in my camera died at the beginning of the ceremonies so this was basically the only picture I got and it's HORRIBLE!

Way to go Amber!!!

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