Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speech Therapy & Dentist Appointment's

Orion's speech eval was a breeze! Within the first 5 minutes of the appointment the therapist turned to me and asked why was he even referred! She said she understands him and that he is using 3 or more words to make sentences. She also said that he is right on target for his age. To me that was GOOD news!

Orion also had a dentist appointment that he slept all the way through! His very first appointment and he slept through it!!! It went very well. The dentist said that Orion should be getting his second set of molars in soon (bring on the crabbiness!) and that he is doing a good job at brushing his teeth. He doesn't have to go back in until he is 3. YEAH!!!

Next up hearing test and ENT appoint in 2 weeks.

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