Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our house has grown by 4 feet!

No, we didn't have twins! On Oct 16, Opus joined our family.

He traveled ALL day from Illinois to be with us. Poor thing had to make a stop in Houston and then Seattle before finally reaching Alaska. I was expecting a stressed little pup but he was very calm and immediately took to Peter, showing him with kisses!

He is 11 weeks old and weighs around 4 lbs. He is such a cuddle bug but yet won't sit still long enough to get a good picture! Potty training was a challenge at first but is much better now. He mastered the "Sit" command within 2 days and recently we started working on "Stay".

He has been accepted in to the family wonderfully. We can't even visit the family without someone asking where Opus is at or requesting that we bring him with! He is definitely one of the family...not to mention a momma's boy!!!

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Dawee Lor said...

He is sooooo adorable!!! you didn't tell me you got a puppy! Hehe I told my husband that's what I want for Christmas, even though I already have two =D