Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday #16

Debbie, Allen & I ventured out the Alaska State Fair with Peyton, Paige & Orion in tow. The first stop was of course was to fill out tummy's with all that greasy yummy fair food. Curly fries, corn dogs and corn fritters. Next stop "Fair Hair".

I was a little disappointed that they didn't do anything crazy with Orion's hair. After all "Fair Hair" is supposed to be CRAZY! Both Orion and Paige sat still and did so well. Doesn't Paige just look adorable?

The kids loved the Petting Zoo. I think Orion liked the goats most of all. He kept going back to pet this black one.

After the Petting Zoo we found ourselves surround by more fair food! Nachos, elephant ears, tacos, sno cones and cotton candy.

We didn't stay to long and we didn't get to see everything or even go on rides but we accomplished the most important thing our family strives on...FOOD! LOL

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