Monday, January 26, 2009

{01.26.09} AT THE MOMENT

Right Now: I am sitting at my dinning room table.

I am wearing: Teal lace tank and heart printed pajama bottoms.

I am hearing: Noggin's "Maggie and the Furious Beast" on the tube and Orion babbling to his toys.

I am thinking: about making Gumbo for dinner.

I am thankful for: being able to work from home (in my pj's).

I am creating: my project 365.

I am going: to the store and bank today and hoping to get Orion's Birth Certificate (I'm such a slacker! He's almost a year old!!!)

I am hoping: that we can get out finances in order...soon!

I am reading: The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J. K. Rowling

One of my favorite things: sleeping in. Which I was able to do all weekend!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Make a Valentine Advent Calendar, Orion's Valentine Shirt and a Valentine's Banner. Also start designing a Valentine card.

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Nora Morgan said...

Oh Amy! Glad to know I am not alone. Bill has been "out of work" for going on 3 weeks(the firm just has no work coming in at all right now) so I know all about the financial stress, like you. I also just sent off for the twins birth certs. Will be a year on Feb. 14--crazy! Would you be willing to tell me what it is you do from home for work? Needing something but babysitting impossible.